Friday, 14 July 2017

W/C 10th July

This week was the penultimate week of our time in Year 5 and it's been another busy one!


In Maths we started the week looking at sequences and identifying the rules in order to continue them and work out missing numbers. We created card magic tricks using sequences.

Delivering our magic tricks

Then we moved onto shape sequences made from straws. We realised that some sequences have rules where you can predict the 100th shape and how many straws would be needed. You have to look at the relationship between shape number and number of straws.

Later on in the week we looked at proportion which is where you compare part to a whole. We identified that you could write proportion as a fraction, decimal and percentage. On Thursday we investigated how in proportion our bodies were according to Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian man! We investigated statements like our heads are 1/8 of our height, our hand length is 1/10 of our height and the length from our elbow to finger is 1/4 of our height. We found that most of us were not in proportion to the Vitruvian man! Marley suggested that Leonardo Da Vinci based his proportions on a man and not a child and this may be why!

Measuring ourselves to see whether we are in proportion to the Vitruvian man!

On Friday we compared the difference between ratio and proportion. Ratio is where you compare one part to another part. We used smarties as athletes and had to write the ratio of a country's athletes to another country and also the proportion of that country's athletes to the total number of athletes. Miss Ruffles let us take the smarties home to eat!


We finished our film narrative unit this week by writing our own narratives of The Piano. We started by writing a first draft, the next day we edited our work and then the following day we wrote a neat version. Miss Ruffles was so impressed with our hard work that we all received the Wonderful Work certificate on Friday. Next week we're going to be bringing our books home and it would be great if we showed our parents our writing.


This week we looked at stages of a river and the features found within it. We learnt that a river has 3 stages: the upper course, middle course and lower course. In the upper course, the river is moving quickly and has lots of power so it erodes and transports material. You find v-shaped valleys and waterfalls. In the middle course, the river gets wider and begins to meander. You find floodplains and ox-bow lakes. Finally in the lower course, the river is wide and travelling slower so the material it carries is deposited and you get deltas. The beginning of the river is called the source and the river ends at the sea which is called the mouth.

We brought in some excellent homework and worked hard on Friday creating posters and presentations of the river we have been given. Next week we will present these to the class.


In Science we looked at the life cycle of different animals: mammals, insects, birds and amphibians. We had to present them to the class. Most of us chose drama! Next week we will be looking at the life cycle of a human, how our body changes as we grow up and reach puberty and what happens during pregnancy.

Life cycle of a mammal

Life cycle of a bird

Life cycle of an amphibian

Life cycle of an insect with complete metamorphosis

Life cycle of an insect with incomplete metamorphosis

Our DT CAM models are really taking shape! Here are some photos.


A huge well done to the 19 children in 5R who have achieved the summer times table challenge. You are able to come in your non-school uniform on Monday and you will be able to enjoy some golden time at the end of the day.

Friday, 7 July 2017

W/C 3rd July 2017


This week we've been looking at reflection and translation. We learnt how to reflect flags by counting squares and using a mirror to check. The most tricky mirror line to reflect is the diagonal. We learnt that translation is where you move a shape without changing it (reflecting or rotating) by following the instructions. We realised that it is really important to read the instructions carefully as it is easy to make mistakes. We also learnt to label the vertices of the shape to help us translate and then redraw it. 

We recapped coordinates and read them using 4 quadrants. Then we had to write the translations so that the bike riders caught up with the winning athlete! 

On Thursday, we investigated pentominoes. Lots of us worked systematically and managed to find 12 in total. 

On Friday, we predicted which of these pentominoes would fold up and make an open top cube. Then we used polydron to make the nets and test our predictions.


This week we continued with our work on The Piano. We practised narrating a conversation and recapped how to punctuate direct speech correctly (remembering the punctuation mark before closing speech). The next day we looked at the difference between direct speech and reported speech. Later on in the week we read a very detailed narrative which goes with the film and describes what is happening. We planned our own ready to write next week.


We've started a new topic called Rivers. This week we learnt about the water cycle and used scientific words like evaporation, condensation, precipitation and transpiration. Here is an example of one of our labelled diagrams.


In Science we moved on from reproduction in flowering plants and learnt about what happens in non flowering plants. We learnt about plants like mosses using spores to reproduce and we learnt about other methods of asexual reproduction (where male and female parts are not needed) like runners (strawberries), tubers (potatoes) and taking cuttings to make an identical offspring.

Reading Cafe

Thank you to all the adults who came and supported our Reading Cafe. We read a story called The Tin Forest and then went into the hall to create animals and plants to make our own tin forest.

Friday, 30 June 2017

W/C 26th June 2017

This week we have been busy doing assessments to see how we've progressed since the start of the year. Everyone has tried really hard and made good progress in all areas so well done everybody.


We've started a new topic called Film Narrative. We have watched the film The Piano which tells the story of a man who is looking back at his memories. We have used the features of film (like camera angles, symbols, shot composition and colour) to help us work out information about the characters in the film as there are no words. Miss Ruffles told us that this is called deduction- looking closely for clues to work things out - and that we do this when reading too.

We've also looked at characters' facial expressions and gestures to help us work out emotions and we have written questions for the old man and used hot-seating to explore more about his life.

Here are some of our freeze frames we created showing important moments in the film.


We finished our Invaders and Settlers topic by looking at the end of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We learnt that during this time there were lots of different kings (both English and Viking) and that it was a time of great unrest. We learnt about the death of Edward the Confessor and the fact he didn't have any children so there wasn't an heir to the throne. We found out about the 3 different contenders to the throne: Harold Godwinson, Harald Hardrada and William, Duke of Normandy. We were given one of the contenders and we had to make a persuasive poster to try and get the Witan (important English people) to choose the right person. We learnt that Harold Godwinson was picked to be king but that William defeated him at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and the Normans took over England.


This week we learnt about the life cycle of a flowering plant and we used drama to show what happens. 

We also talked about seed dispersal methods and we have been set some homework to create a leaflet explaining the different ways the seeds are dispersed. It is due in on Tuesday.

From next week we can start doing the end of year times table challenge (multiplication and division facts up to 12 x 12). It would be good if we did some practising this weekend!